Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Malaysian Food Experience: Nasi Lemak

Eating can be a favourite pastime in Malaysia. I don't know when it was a Malaysian who coined the word 'live to eat', but besides visiting the mall, Malaysians eat, eat and eat. Chicken rice can also be very popular in Malaysia. Malaysia is made up of a mix of three major races, Chinese, Indian and Malay, who all bring their own unique spin on cooking; the mixture of cultures produces some of the most interesting dishes on the planet.

 The dish can be another popular amongst those that like a little extra choice, because it is often served using a selection of options like, chicken, beef curry and cuttlefish. It makes our once long-standing national dish inside the UK of fish and chips sound slightly bland I think you'll agree. You can also go to a 'kopitiam', the industry traditional Chinese cafe. One from the greatest dishes ever created in Malaysia will be the nasi lemak.

 It makes our once long-standing national dish inside the UK of fish and chips sound slightly bland I think you'll agree. The banana leaves can help make the rice even aromatic and help the taste. Other popular food you can order in a very mamak is the 'maggie goreng', which can be fried Maggi instant noodle with eggs, vegetables and meat. The other advantage of the dish is your money; it's one with the cheapest meals available inside the country, much cheaper than a similar dish inside the UK, and tends to make a great mid-day meal.

 You will get nasi lemak with various vegetables, seafood like cuttlefish, sundried fish, salted fish and shell fish, fried chicken, curry chicken, sausages and mutton and goat curry. In earlier morning before sun rise, we can easily notice that this stall begins selling the rice. They are glutinous rice wrapped in a leaf in addition to pork, mushrooms, nuts and salted duck egg yolk. For me, meals are exactly this plus much more - a great excuse to explore the culinary and social delights of an country.

 A common practice is usually to choose three side dishes- one meat, one vegetable as well as the last, a dish like tofu or egg. There is a huge difference between these people in the way they prepare their food, usage of ingredients along with the distinct flavors. So, the venue - the world famous hawker stalls of Malaysia are an ideal way to sample local culinary delights. It may look very easy, if you smell the aromatic rice as well as taste it, I'll bet you will end up attracted by it taste.    

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